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Gelli Plate Printing

Welcome to the unique and exciting world of Gelli Plate Printing!  Gelli plates are the perfect introduction to monotype printing.  Using the soft silcone surface in a variety of different ways, you can create brilliantly creative designs and textures.  The possibilities are seemingly endless and the results are amazing.  You don't need to be skilled at drawing or painting to create brilliant art with a Gelli Plate. 

Below are some examples of the projects I've completed in the past. It's an incredibly versatile medium!


Simple textures. 

Children as young as 3 can enjoy using the plate to create textures and prints.  It's such as simple process!


Exploring nature.

This was a project where children were exploring landscapes. We created a simple stamp, selected a palatte and the resulting work was superb. 



Emboss on to a piece of thick card and you can create multiple images using acrylic paint. 


Leaf print project.

This project tied in nicely with the classes study of trees and nature.  We selected certain leaves from trees around the area and created a leaf print journal. 

To book or discuss a workshop for your school or establishment get in touch! 
I can also offer staff training and CPD for printing .

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