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Paths by Chris Riddell

Chris Riddell is an amazing illustrator. I love his work.

A while ago I bought a very unique product from his shop. Paths is a beautifully illustrated set of 52 interlinking and interesting landscapes. The pieces can be moved changed and linked in a variety of different ways and it is sold as a storytelling aid or meditative therapy tool. I've personally spent hours just exploring the possibilities.

This is a superb visual tool for the classroom and here are just some of the ways I've used them in the classroom:

  1. Give a pair of children 4 cards and allow them to interlink them however they choose. Then ask them to tell a story based on the map.

  2. Explore the story 'Instructions' by Neil Gaiman and use it to inspire some stories following a character's journey through a magical realm.

  3. Play! Just let them play with the cards - it's incredibly therapeutic!

  4. Design their own fantasy maps inspired by Paths.

  5. Setting description

  6. Calming time

Check out some of the images below to see what it's all about.

Neil Gaiman's Instructions is a

superb compliment

Click the image on the right to find the Amazon link.

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