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It's been quite a crazy year since I achieved my lifelong dream of becoming a children's author and illustrator. 'The Imagination Thief was published last December (2021) by Emira Press a new and exciting publisher. I had grand ideas for the launch, author visits, library events, resources drawing videos to accompany the release and the launch of my 'Inky Expressions' site.

However, I was hit by one setback after the other. Covid made schools, libraries and booksellers nervous about visits as they cautiously returned to normal. Despite all that the book has done very well, thanks to the staff at Emira Press largely I've received lovely reviews and even an endorsement from an author I admire very much: James Campbell.

I hoped that 2022 would bring me more luck but sadly I've been hit by flu, followed by Covid, a chest infection, and long covid and then just to mix it up...Covid again. So, I have felt that I've struggled to bring all my ideas to fruition. Until now!

Uploaded on to my site now:

Some exciting projects in the pipeline too! I've written a sequel to 'The Imagination Thief' in the hope of publishing this year with further books planned in the series.

Really hope that my fellow educators find the resources on my site useful, I will always have some free elements to help support teaching and learning!

Oh yeah! And if you want to buy the book it's available here:!/The-Imagination-Thief-Book-1-in-the-Eva-and-Toby-Adventures-series/p/416479838/category=0

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