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Kelpie winner, Mark A

Smith, author of Slugboy Saves the World about 'The Imagination Thief'

'A fast-paced, fun-filled fantasy adventure'

'Quick, witty and very funny.'

Acclaimed children's comedian and author of the Boyface books, James Campbell

David is an author and illustrator of children's books. 

His first two books 'The Imagination Thief' and 'The Dream Hoarder' were published in 2019 and 2021 respectively and received warm reviews.  

He is currently living in Suffolk with his wife a lot of children and  2 dogs.

After 10 years working in education, David decided to throw off the shackles of the classroom (well sort of undo them a bit, he still teaches part-time because of bills and mortgage etc) and pursue his dream of becoming a full-time author and illustrator.  

So armed with nothing more than his sketchbook, pen, and a lot of paint, he is embarking on his journey to realise a childhood dream! His ambitions are pretty small, he just wants to be the greatest children's book author/illustrator of all time.   

He describes his work as ever-evolving, he is influenced by impressionism and loves to create beautiful scenery in his work, often disappearing into a piece for days to create a perfect setting.  He is obsessed with colour theory and always experimenting with new ideas. 

David is currently studying hard, working with a mentor, building his portfolio, and working on exciting projects.  In Sept 2024 he will start his Masters in Children's Book Illustration at the prestigious Anglia Ruskin course held in Cambridge which he hopes will truly springboard his career.  

Previous clients include Emira Press, Suffolk Libraries Service, The Dirigible Baloon, and various online magazines. 

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